Restocking simply means to replenish. It’s about creating a product or service so good that people will pay for it.In every successful business, products or merchandise displayed will be flying off the shelves as customers find the things they want in your helpful and friendly stores. You are going to be very busy, so you better plan right now how you are going to replenish the inventory you sell. Don’t wait until the shelves are bare and your customers are disappointed.

Business is not a financial science; it’s about trading, buying, selling and restocking.

Develop an automatic restocking system that will keep your retail store profitable by taking advantage of the restocking savings product made available to you by Skyewise Multi Purpose Cooperative Society.

Through this product, Skyewise Multi Purpose Cooperative Society strives to create a sustainable and continued relationship, an assured means for the future and a guaranteed savings through restocking as an answer that replenishes your store.

The two main factors propelling the economy forward in this last quarter were business men restock their warehouse or storage rooms, market traders expands their store rooms for restocking and firms restock their shelves (inventory build-up adds towards healthy establishment drawing not on their income but on their savings.

The strength of every business or trade is restocking.


Skyewise MPCSL is strictly for her members and and intending members, registration for intending members is carried out directly with Skyewise MPCSL.


  1. Applicant must be 18 years and above
  2. Applicant must be productively engaged in a legitimate business or work
  3. A Registration fee of Five Thousdand Naira Only (N5,000.00)
  4. Copy of a valid ID Card or employment ID card with one passport photograph.



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    Skyewise Mutipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd came as a vision to meet the financial need of her members and to equip them with other sources of wealth creation.