Target Savings

Target savings is a product designed by Skyewise Multi Purpose Cooperative Society for tenured fund and fixed deposit. It is a product made for individual who want to save for a specific time and eventually grow interest. It is essentially a savings account that helps you save money for a specific purpose for a pre-determined period.

Before you can really start setting financial goals, you need to determine where you stand financially.

Are you planning for any of these?

Target savings account can help you achieve it.

Target savings is a high interest bearing account that encourages financial discipline through savings.

The main goal of Skyewise Multi Purpose Cooperative Society is to satisfy its customers and their business and also offers numerous financial products to meet the required standard for its customers satisfaction. This wide range of products that Skyewise Multi Purpose Cooperative Society offers caters for all customers financial requirements.

Our primary objective is to always provide our numerous clients with a wide range of innovative business solutions, value-adding products and services that will meet and surpass their financial needs. We are committed to providing superior financial service options tailored to the exact needs of our expanding client base

We offer our high net worth customers with personalized services to ensure their financial needs are adequately met. Our offerings in this area are influenced by the knowledge that each customer is unique and special.

It is our pleasure to invite you to take advantage of our financial co-operative society. We are committed to availing you with an exceptional financial experience

Your business is important to us and we would like to create a customized solution just for you!


Skyewise MPCSL is strictly for her members and and intending members, registration for intending members is carried out directly with Skyewise MPCSL.


  1. Applicant must be 18 years and above
  2. Applicant must be productively engaged in a legitimate business or work
  3. A Registration fee of Five Thousdand Naira Only (N5,000.00)
  4. Copy of a valid ID Card or employment ID card with one passport photograph.



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    Skyewise Mutipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd came as a vision to meet the financial need of her members and to equip them with other sources of wealth creation.